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New release: Black Lakes - "Sorrow" (2015, CD), atmospheric & depressive pagan black

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New release: Black Lakes - "Sorrow" (2015, CD)
atmospheric & depressive pagan black, Russia

"My time hurries back
Where pain gave birth to light.
Where there was no me
In that pale world where is no life.
The inexorable rate of clocks,
Some are standing, others are groaning,
Finding all their slaves,
They will help to bring me back to the darkness…
Their hands froze for a moment,
One step, one twinkling.
Another one became an old man,
Silent cry and sorrow.
Tired rate, and passing range,
So many years have been taken to grave.
They’ve taken away the past and me,
My day, my last hour, they have been passed."

Crusaders go leaving behind another burnt Slavic jail. Detachment of warriors returning from a campaign on the ashes, sent following the invaders to avenge for their families and their native land. The final slaughter is coming... Conceptual, atmospheric and sad music story in firm Black Lakes style, diluted interesting sound surprises. Album contains by a beautiful 12-page booklet. For Black Lakes & Khladnovzor fans be sure to listen!


Abgott - music, lyrics, vocal, guitars
Sfavor - music, bass, programming
Dez - music, keyboards

Astaroth Merc (Miasma Recording, Raventale) - music mixing & mastering
Isterec - music recording, voices mixing, final mastering
Ruma (Hateful Tomorrow) - guest vocal (6)
Vladislav Zykov (Speed of Light) - guest vocal (8)
Plan A - guest vocal (10)
Epic Sturm - guest vocal (9), keyboards, programming
Artwork & design - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint it black design, In Tenebriz)


01. By the Malice of Hoary Wind (Foreword)
02. To the Place Where the Smoke! (Part II)
03. Carnations
04. The Broken Arrow
05. Straightening the Back
06. Fate is Just a Word!
07. Sigh
08. Ashes
09. Russian Land
10. Time (Loneliness)

Total: 43:34



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