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New release: Sterbefall - "Plattensee" (2015, CD), atmospheric post black / blackened doom

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New release: Sterbefall - "Plattensee" (2015, CD)
atmospheric post black / blackened doom, Russia

"Plattensee" is the second full-length album of "Sterbefall" project. This music work was a new face in the music work of the band and is somewhat different from what you might have heard on the debut album "Weg nach Nichtigkeit". Familiar from the first music work of this band gloomy atmosphere supplemented with a more viscous and accented sound. Lyrics about the tragedy of the individual, death, war, arguments about life, lyrics do not affect political topics. Strong vocals, lyrics on inimitable German language, unique atmosphere which creates vivid images while listening to music - all this "Plattensee".


Gusev Dmitriy - guitar, vocals
Michael- guitar
Null - bass
Chigirev Artem - drums


01 - Winter
02 - Todtanz
03 - Liebliengsfrau blut
04 - IV
05 - Plattensee
06 - Wenn die Soldaten ins Feld rucken
07 - Mit dem Feuer und Schwert
08 - Tesla

Total: 39:58



first Sterbefall album in digital "Weg nach Nichtigkeit" =>


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