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Digital release: Relyos - "The Voices of the Northern Seas" (2016), post metal / post rock

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Relyos - this is music from the soul and for the soul. Journey through worlds and realities which displayed in a variety music styles but always with the same component - the love to music... "Voices of the Northern Seas" - this is the second full-length album of project, instrumental music which is an experimental mix of such styles as post rock, post metal, ambient. About the concept of album tells the author:

"The idea of the album "Voices of the Northern Seas" appeared under the impression of my first voyage to the New Siberian Islands (archipelago in the Arctic ocean), but realized in the second campaign. If in the first trip I have had only a classical guitar where I wrote material from time to time, it in the the second trip I took with me a full set of music equipment. I really wanted to create something conceptual!

The port from which we went it's my home town - Baltiysk, and ahead was a long way duration approximately four thousand nautical miles in one direction. The idea gained clear shape when we got out of the Baltic sea and passed the straits area which including the Danish Straits. Here was recorded the first song "Misty Skagerrak" which received its name in honor of the strait which connecting with the North sea. This song became a sort of intro before the exciting journey.

I've made the music between the working duties. I worked as a regular mechanic and execute of duty in the engine room where is very noisy from the working mechanisms. After the work I always went out on deck and was looking at the sea, I listened to his sounds and have a rest. The sea sang me the beautiful melodies, it spoke to me and revealed their secrets. Maybe it found an appreciative listener, and I wanted to share these tunes with other people, so, after a little chat with the sea, I walked and recorded this music.

All seas are different. Although this is one common ocean, and the names invented by humans, and all boundaries are conventions - each sea has its own unique character.

Music works were created with the passage of the seas. In the titles of songs I tried to emphasize the features of each sea which had been opened for me, which I saw, heard and felt.

In the North sea, which is sad and capricious, the dolphins were sirens. The Norwegian sea was struck by its power and the spirit! The Barents sea enchant by its color and blues motif. The Kara sea was unpredictable - something calm, something choppy as if worried about something. The Laptev sea was mysterious and enigmatic, the most silent... It's something indescribable! It's magic... In the compositions I have tried to convey this atmosphere, to convey to the people what I experienced, to share melody of each wonderful sea... They are sometimes lonely, they sing and say, they happy and sad, and really want to be heard..."

The release of third album of project titled "Rebirth" will be in digital on our label in the coming days!

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