DFA 003: Astarium - "Winter Growths (Part II)" (2012, CD) - Nihil Art Music

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DFA 003: Astarium - "Winter Growths (Part II)" (2012, CD)


Band: Astarium
Album: "Winter Growths (Part II)"
Style: neo-classical ambient / darkwave
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box
Catalog number: DFA003
Release date: in future (Record 2012)
Release status: not available

New demo-album of russian symphonic black metal project Astarium. Greatest neoclassical sound with touch darkwave.


01. Through Blizzard Squall
02. Hunger Under The Full Moon
03. Aura Of Crystal Night
04. When The Wind Blows Death (Part II)
05. Heavy Football Of Winter
06. Delight Arcanum
07. Molecular Glaciation
08. Heroic Saga Of Icy Lands
09. Last Winter (Ambient Edit)


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