DFA 004: Klver / Illness - "Abyssal Madness" (2012/2013, CD, Split) - Nihil Art Music

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DFA 004: Klver / Illness - "Abyssal Madness" (2012/2013, CD, Split)


Band: Klver / Illness
Album: "Abyssal Madness"
Style: dark ambient / black shizophrenic metal
Country: France / Poland/Norway
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box
Catalog number: DFA004
Release date: in future (Record 2012-2013)
Release status: not available

Split french dark ambient project KLVER and polish black shizophrenic metal band ILLNESS! Amazing dark atmosphere, unforgettable sound, left the most vivid impression.


01. Abyssal Madness
02. Kode
03. Trapped In Deadlights
04. Into The Paranoic Visions
05. Descent


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