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Digital012: Wan Skin – "Fortress of Solitude" (2015, EP, Digital)

Band: Wan Skin
Album: "Fortress of Solitude" (EP)
Style: atmospheric black / dark ambient / darkwave
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital012
Release date: Jule 23, 2015
Release status: available
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Wan Skin is a solo project of Ahndor (Aspercrucio) reflecting the personal feelings of the author.
EP "Fortress of Solitude" includes material initial period of the project (2007-2009), recorded in 2014.
This music is a specific mix of atmospheric black metal, dark ambient & darkwave.
Lyrics tells about a lonely cold winter nights when having moved away from reality remains alone with your thoughts, looking for your true way of life...


Ahndor - music, lyrics, guitars, bass, vocals, drums (on "The Onset")
Stanislav Filinov - drums (session)


01. The Onset
02. Always Alone
03. Mysterious Glimmer

Total: 18:47


Dark East / Mercy Despise, tragic gothic doom
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