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Digital013: Wishdoomdark - "Suicide in Night" (2015, Digital)

Band: Wishdoomdark
Album: "Suicide in Night"
Style: classic doom death metal
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital013
Release date: Jule 25, 2015
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"Suicide In Night" - this is the second release of the band "Wishdoomdark", playing classic doom death metal. A feature of this album is a live recording in the studio, which gives the songs a special sincerity. For all fans of Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Tiamat the early 90's. This album was published by self-released on pro cd-r in 4-panel digipack limited to 100 copies in 2014. Nihil Art & Dark East Prods labels undertook the exclusive distribution of this edition, and now this work is available in digital form!


Alex Ezeptrone - vocal, guitars, bass
Alexander Kleschin - drums


1 – Intro
2 – Pick of Suicide
3 – For
4 – Winter Lost
5 – Live in Death
6 – Eternal (Paradise Lost cover)
7 – Suicide in Night (Outro)

Total:: 35:17


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