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Digital015: Diabolic Storm - "Come Unto Me" (2015, Digital)

Band: Diabolic Storm
Album: "Come Unto Me"
Style: gothic blackened death metal
Country: Hungary
Format: Digital, on CD in future
Catalog number: Digital015
Release date: October 29, 2015
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
Diabolic Storm is a gothic blackened death metal band from Hungary. Founded by Balázs Sipos (ScareCrow) in 2006. Basically the concept was to combine raw brutality with dark gothic and symphonic elements. In the early periods the name of the band was Demon-Stration but after some member changes they replaced the name from Demon-Stration to Diabolic Storm. "Come Unto Me" creates the atmosphere of oppressive religions, the total disfunctional doctrines of crowd manipulation. The sentece is a citation from Jesus what the band used as an irony. A dead messiah won't save mankind from extinction.


Balázs Sipos (ScareCrow) - vocal, synths, drums programs
Nándor Vajda (Tyrant) - guitar
József Orbán (Joseph) - guitar
Gábor Lőczi (LastNomad) - bass


01. In the Light of Deviance
02. Come Unto Me
03. False Heavenly Glory
04. Expiation
05. Humiliations in the Past
06. Blinded by Faith
07. Under my Black Wings
08. Tartarean Shelter
09. Angyalok képében
10. Halálon túl

Total: 33:41

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