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Digital016: Lauxnos - "And Only Ocean Save Your Name" (2015, Digital)

Band: Lauxnos
Album: "And Only Ocean Save Your Name"
Style: post metal / post rock
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital016
Release date: November 8, 2015
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
In anticipation of the release of "The Last Pier" album listen to a wonderful instrumental track "And Only Ocean Save Your Name" of this project that hints at a story that is going to happen with the main character! This track was never published previously! This track is not included in "The Last Pier" album. Album "The Last Pier" is preparing to release on our label this December!
Tracklist of upcoming "The Last Pier" album:

Winds of Hope II (Meeting the Fate)
The Oncoming Storm
Gale Force 9
In Prayer To The Gods
My Last Pier
The Last Contemplation Of The Moon

Bonus track:

The final version of the already published tracks will be different from the version on the single and ep!


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, extreme vocals (Emptiness Soul, Frost Flame, The Happiness Cage, Reincarnation, Epitaph of Life, Die Scherben Der Seele, Hyperborean Frost, K.M.)


Rain Prahlada - clean vocals (Nidra, Deny the Future Day, Chernaya Rechka, Prahlada Luna)

Recording, mixing, mastering - No Life Records

Album design deals Vladimir Prokofiev from Paint-It-Black-Design ( )

Lauxnos official: ,


Previous releases:
Lauxnos - "Winds of Hope" (EP)
post rock / post metal, Russia, 2015,
EP, Digital, Album in December
Lauxnos - "The Secret of Three Corners" (Single)
post rock / post metal, Russia, 2015, Digital
First album: Lauxnos - "My Dead Ocean"
post black, Russia, 2014, CD
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