Digital019: The Happiness Cage - "Silence Brings Wisdom" (2013/2015, Digital) - Nihil Art Music

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Digital019: The Happiness Cage - "Silence Brings Wisdom" (2013/2015, Digital)

Band: The Happiness Cage
Album: "Silence Brings Wisdom"
Style: melancholic atmospheric black
Country: Russia
Format: Digital, may be on CD in the future
Catalog number: Digital019
Release date: December 20, 2015
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
When calm voice that greets us at the beginning of the first track is silenced, the heavy waves of melancholy which painted in the darkest colours immediately gets hold of your body and mind! This waves like slow poison will gradually penetrate into every cell of your body, while your whole body will not be captivated by longing, so hopeless and clutching to the ground and all the other senses are silenced, unable to compete with her...
Each of us at different times in their life faced with the idea that in this world something is wrong. This idea is like a splinter in the brain: it produces a state of uncertainty and a hidden, deep-seated fear which dooms its victim only on the feeling of hopelessness. It is these feelings awaken "The Happiness Cage" in his creation, these feelings leave no space nor the faith, nor the hope or opportunity to get away... (Mafey)


01 - Indifference In The Eyes
02 - Don't Threaten Me With Hell
03 - Silent Skies Will Shed No Tears
04 - When The Skies Will Call
05 - All Roads Lead Nowhere
06 - The Earth's Oblivion Under The Snow
07 - My Distant Dreams
08 - Silent Skies Will Shed No Tears (Bonus Version)

Total: 44:32


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, vocal (Lauxnos, K.M., Frost Flame, Six Realms of Existence, ex-Emptiness Soul)


Radogor - vocals for the song # 3 (Nordward, Radogor)
Abgott - vocals for the song # 4 (Black Lakes, Khladnovzor)

Deleting Soul, raw depressive black metal
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6,00 €
Deleting Soul / Dark East / No Life, post rock / post metal / atmospheric post black
Immediate availability
8,00 €
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