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Digital023: The Happiness Cage - "Lurking, Beyond, Consciousness" (2014/2016, Digital)

Band: The Happiness Cage
Album: "Lurking, Beyond, Consciousness"
Style: melancholic atmospheric black / doom
Country: Russia
Format: Digital, on CD in the future
Catalog number: Digital023
Release date: January 24, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
Lost my world beyond consciousness,
It, visiting, to leave could not.
The glimmer of suns in mirrors of the unseen buildings
Imprinted in memory, stretches at the feet.

With the above words begins the second full-length album of The Happiness Cage project which carrying the name "Lurking Beyond Consciousness". Went out this album in 2014 on limited procd-r by Rigorism Prods and has acquired a different sound compared to the debut album of the project. Now the album is available digitally on our label and in the future will appear on a CD together with the first album of this project.

The album tells the story of an ordinary man, who had the incredible opportunity to carry their lives on uncharted worlds. The hero of the story, living life on their home planet "Earth", every year watching the same picture, it feels like this world is dying. The death of all living things symbolizes autumn which calls for a winter winds and wade bones frosts, but every spring the world comes alive again, that's why with the onset of cold winter days the whole world freezes in anticipation of spring! Nature is cyclical, life replaces death, death replaces life - and nothing else. Unlike people. In the view of the main character death represent the people themselves, bearing death and destruction to all living things on the home planet, that is their nature. Hero in their long journeys, discovering long-dead worlds and draws analogies with human abode that will ever catch up with exactly the same "triumph".

On the other side of consciousness
Lurked a world that died long ago.
In his ruins I can see the outlines
Resembling a house. Us peace...

He continues to travel on uncharted worlds, which are hidden from consciousness. His mind unable to comprehend how he did it, how it got in there. Traveling through space, through the interstellar chaos, he finds what he wanted deep down. He finds a world in which there is no suffering, lies, deceit, pain, no emotions per se at all, and that for him is the supreme happiness. He is bewitched by the beauty of this place - its architecture, its life struck the heart, hiding in memory.

Not remember already as snuck in here.
There is no desire, and cannot go back.
To the people in their world the way closed forever.
The supreme consciousness, I want to be light...

Staying among the sublime to live life, terribly short on a cosmic scale, he knows the doctrine which have been hidden for centuries from the eyes of peoples, unravels the tangle of threads which interweaving the basics of the universe. In the last moment of his life comes to him the realization of limbs just past. It has open the last unknown mystery. All matter which is filled with life after death unable to leave the abode of the universe and go into oblivion, to be absorbed in a veil of timelessness, she is born on the horizon of a new burning star, radiating bright light for herself and for everyone who has seen the light.

Glitter luminaries on the languid sky,
Will flare one day, not remembering himself.
Stuck in the cool of the dark matter,
Waking up outside of life from the eternal sleep.


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, vocal (Lauxnos, K.M., Frost Flame, Six Realms of Existence, ex-Emptiness Soul)


1. Through Space
2. Lost World
3. Starlight
4. It's Just a Dream
5. Waiting for Spring
6. Living in a Dream
7. Message from a Different Space
8. Triumph of Civilization
9. Lurking Beyond Consciousness

Total: 50:39


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