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Digital024: Nord Frost - "Beatitudo" (2015/2016, Digital)

Band: Nord Frost
Album: "Beatitudo"
Style: atmospheric black / ambient
Country: Kazakhstan
Format: Digital, on CD in future
Catalog number: Digital024
Release date: February 18, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"Beatitudo" - this is the next work after "Solstitium" of a talented project from Kazakhstan! The album sounds a bit more severely and seriously than the predecessor, episodically came the voice, beautiful cold keys and synths are the basis of this album as before! Cold stars is the backdrop for the memories, the pain and lonely suffering under the rain and in a snow storm, the cold emptiness and the hot emotions - without it life would be empty and dead, but in the end all it brings only happiness! All this author is trying to convey with their music, which is still very bright and light! The album "Beatitudo" will be released on CD in the future in this year on our label in the format of 2-in-1 with album "Solstitium"!


Max Nord-Frost - all


1. Memories
2. Sidera Frigus
3. Doloris...
4. Emovere
5. Procella
6. Cold Emptiness

Total: 36:31



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