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Digital025: Sterbefall - "Die Lawine" (2016, Digital)

Band: Sterbefall
Album: "Die Lawine"
Style: acoustic / post
Country: Russia
Format: Digital, on CD in future
Catalog number: Digital025
Release date: March 29, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
The acoustic album Sterbefall called "Die Lawine" was released on March 29 in digital form on bandcamp-resource label. The CD release will become a reality in the fall! The idea of creating such a record is ripe for the team long after the release of the first album was recorded acoustic versions of tracks trial - not overloaded guitar sound reveals the tune and the sound of acoustic instruments adds some charm to the music component! Now, with two full-length albums, Sterbefall turned out to make a complete and independent work which included six acoustic instrumental versions of songs from the first album "Weg nach Nichtigkeit" and three - from "Plattensee"!


1 - Übele Tannen (acoustic)
2 - Die Schlinge (acoustic)
3 - Die See (acoustic)
4 - Seblstmord des Gottes (acoustic)
5 - Tesla (acoustic)
6 - Der Teufel (acoustic)
7 - Wenn die Soldaten ins Feld rücken (acoustic)
8 - Liebliengsfrau blut (acoustic)
9 - Die Panzerhölle (acoustic)

Total: 43:25



Sterbefall - "Plattensee" (2015, CD) NEW - release will be available July 28​!​
Dark East / Nihil Art, atmospheric post black / blackened doom
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