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Digital026: Nord Frost - "Inter Sidera" (2016, Digital)

Band: Nord Frost
Album: "Inter Sidera"
Style: atmospheric black / ambient
Country: Kazakhstan
Format: Digital, on CD in future
Catalog number: Digital026
Release date: April 7, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"Inter Sidera" - this is the next work after "Beatitudo" of a talented project from Kazakhstan! Melancholic, romantic and disturbing journey through the boundless night heaven among the stars to endless space which is the mirror of the soul which can help to understand yourself! Beautiful cold keys and synths traditionally are the basis of the project's music but this album is a bit more important of ambient. All thoughts, feelings and emotions which occurred when listening to the two previous albums "Solstitium" & "Beatitudo" - generates and this album! We remind that the release of two previous albums "Solstitium" & "Beatitudo" 2-in-1 on CD will take place this year! The release of this album "Inter Sidera" on CD in the future it is also possible!


Max Nord-Frost - all


1. Itineris
2. Nocte Caelum
3. IC1805
4. LBN 667
5. Speculum Animae
6. Terra

Total: 39:05



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