Digital027: The Stars That Hang Above You - "Ascension 12.IV" (2016, Single, Digital) - Nihil Art Music

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Digital027: The Stars That Hang Above You - "Ascension 12.IV" (2016, Single, Digital)

Band: The Stars That Hang Above You
Album: "Ascension 12.IV" (Single)
Style: space post rock / instrumental
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital027
Release date: April 12, 2016
Release status: available
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The composition "Ascension 12.IV" is dedicated to the first manned flight into space - dedicated to Yuri Gagarin flight! This is a really great event on a global scale has brought the world to significant and revolutionary phenomenon! Through the power of engineering thought and the desire to explore new horizons a living man of flesh and blood ascended on the rocket "Vostok 8К72К" not just to space but beyond the outdated dogma of human existence and superstition, paving a new path - the path to the stars!


Bloop - bass guitar, keyboards, drums programming, samples, mixing (Circle of Unexisted, Acoustic Anomaly, B-loop)
Wolfir - guitars (In Tenebriz, Chertopolokh)


1. Ascension 12.IV

Total: 04:55


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