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Digital031: Nord Frost - "Invasion" (2016, EP, Digital)

Band: Nord Frost
Album: "Invasion" (EP)
Style: melancholic atmospheric ambient
Country: Kazakhstan
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital031
Release date: June 17, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"Invasion" EP - new experimental work from the project Nord Frost. This mini-album is the continuation of album "Inter Sidera", he is his logical continuation and addition. It is worth noting that in this music work there are disturbing motives that are generally not characteristic to Nord Frost music, also contains some cold elements of dark electro. The final track in this mini-album - is a composition which performed in the familiar spirit of the project - it's calm clear melancholy, romance and atmosphere under the sound of rain... "Invasion" EP will be included in the CD edition of the album "Inter Sidera" as a bonus which will be released on CD around November - December 2016!


Max Nord-Frost - all


1. They Are Among Us
2. Contactee
3. Destruction
4. A New Sky

Total: 15:15



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