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Digital036: Relyos - "Rebirth" (2016, Digital)

Band: Relyos
Album: "Rebirth"
Style: post rock / gothic rock / neofolk / ambient
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital036
Release date: November 23, 2016
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"Rebirth" - this is the third and latest at the moment full-length album of Relyos project. Music of project at the moment is a kind of virtuoso-the author's fantasy on the theme of mixing post rock, gothic rock, neofolk, ambient, neo-classical, and other border styles with their characteristic aesthetics and concept. From progressive inflorescences which were so characteristic of the early releases of the project now has little left, but the music only became even more considered, mature and deep, added tracks with clean vocals.

Someone will say that this music is perfectly suited as the soundtrack to any film, and will be right. But actually this music fits absolutely everything and always because that's the sound of life itself: listening to the music of Relyos, you know that these are the thoughts and dreams, these are the stars and the tides, this is the sound of Eternity. Sublime & ethereal melancholy floating above the mundane world of the baser passions and momentary whims, abstract & dreamy and sad & refined atmosphere, high-pitched neoclassical melodies with atmospheric-ambient fragments, detached and sorrowful the vocals - it's all there on this album.

Current Relyos is a kind of mirror in which the listener sees and hears above all yourself – your soul, your dreams, your visions. The project music is completely devoid of any artificiality, pretentiousness and caricature which is achieved by uniform convergence of different styles. One brightens and complements the other, eventually giving rise to a truly grand chemical reaction.

Sometimes those moments come when you see that you have accumulated a lot of negative or clearly understand that you to come to an impasse. In such cases you need to take drastic measures is the renewal at the cellular level. You need to be born again. Some say that in order to do that, you need to die first, to leave the old shell, and incarnate in the new. But if it hurts the soul, the disease will manifest itself in a new body, so you need to heal itself the soul. To do this, you should find the root of the illness, so you need to go back in time. Time is not linear. Present, past and future are flowing at the same time. A simple example is a three-storey house. Let's say that a third floor had a pipe burst and the water flows. The event that occurred on the third floor is a true now and present, and for the second and first floors - this is future because the water there is not leaking yet. The water then seeps up to the second floor and on the third floor pipe is already repaired. In the end, the flowing water for the third floor - this is past, for the second floor - this is currently, and for the first floor - this is still future, but it all happens at the same time if viewed from the side. Therefore, from the present can change not only the future but also the past, just need to find a way. You need to run a program of regeneration and to guide her to the past, to change the attitude by changing the clock frequency of the vibration which connecting the present and the past.

The album "Rebirth" - this is the program. The first song "The Hourglass" is open it. The next songs is the work programme for the purification of the soul, finding the dark sides, weaknesses and correcting them. The disease will go through the body, damaging it, leaving traces of the skin. That is why the cover shows a man on whose the face we see these traces which as the plaster make-up is ready to crumble. The last song "Love Through the Darkness and Time..." says about that all the time in a person's lives love and it gives strength to cure the disease of the soul, to be reborn, become a new man, but to stay yourself, true and pure...

The press release used some abstracts and materials from review of the album from a friendly information portal AstartaView.

All music and instruments - Sergey Bereza (Ahilless, BerkanaS)


1. The Hourglass
2. Your Light
3. A Warm Wind
4. Impulse and Peace
5. Between the Mountains
6. The Mystery of the Mystical Galaxy
7. Double Life
8. Walk in Autumn Park
9. Love Through the Darkness and Time

Total: 37:03



Previous album of Relyos - "The Voices of the Northern Seas" (please click on the picture of the cover to go to bandcamp):

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