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Digital038: Koloch / Northern Forest - "Sorcery" (2016, Split, Digital)

Band: Koloch / Northern Forest
Album: "Sorcery" (Split)
Style: ambient / dark ambient / drone
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital038
Release date: November 29, 2016
Release status: available
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"Sorcery" is a creative synthesis of two projects with a common semantic component and the idea is to immerse the listener in his own world of memories about the mysterious stories of the past, a terrible foreboding and frightening encounters on the dark paths of the subconscious.

The birth of the project "Northern Forest" was held in the cold winter of 2014, and had he continued from the origins of creativity "Animal Machine", as its logical continuation. The project consists of three people, each of which performs a specific role in the overall sound. In music the authors use instruments such as jew's-harp, didgeridoo, acoustic and electric guitars, also recordings of nature and voice. Each track is a unique surge of emotions and moods of the authors, attempt to convey these emotions to the listener.

Musical project "Koloch" was created as a side project from the author of "In Tenebriz" for the implementation of the atmospheric material in such directions as ambient and drone, with splashes of folk, post-rock and black metal. The title comes from the eponymous river, whose source originates in the village of Prokofievo that hints on the author of compositions. The main idea of creativity is a trip through the disturbing dreams and the dark superstitions to our ancient chthonic entity.



1. Koloch - The Shadows of Premonitions
2. Northern Forest - The Witch
3. Koloch - The Lights Over the Swamp
4. Northern Forest - The Curse
5. Koloch - Don't Look in Her Eyes
6. Northern Forest - Water Quietly Crying

Total: 45:24


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