Digital043: Svarog - "Through Dense Woods vol. 2" (2012/2016, Digital) - Nihil Art Music

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Digital043: Svarog - "Through Dense Woods vol. 2" (2012/2016, Digital)

Band: Svarog
Album: "Through Dense Woods vol. 2"
Style: atmospheric black / depressive black
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital043
Release date: December 2, 2016 (Record 2012)
Release status: available
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We present to you a cycle of four albums from the project Svarog made mostly in the style of atmospheric and depressive black.

"Native Faith" album is the most evil and militant sounding of the four works what presented, it is the closest to a traditional black metal.

The sound of the album "Conclusion" became more slow and melancholic, more synthetic and psychedelic effects and atmospheric ambient.

"Through Dense Woods vol. 1" different raw, bright and highly atmospheric sound and an abundance of beautiful cold keys, this work is closest to neo-classical...

"Through Dense Woods vol. 2" most goes in the direction of experiments. There is a similarity in sound with the first part of the novels, there is a clear voice, cosmic atmosphere is a bit of industrial and even dark folk...

All four albums have a lot of really catchy tunes, raw sound, interesting heavy, acoustic and synthetic fragments and beautiful transitions between them, thanks to this is music very interesting to listen. Recommended to all fans of atmospheric music.


1. The First Step to Freedom
2. Second Step to Freedom
3. The Third Step to Freedom
4. The Last Step to Freedom

Total: 42:24


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