Digital044: Lauxnos - "Sagittarius" (2016, Single, Digital) - Nihil Art Music

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Digital044: Lauxnos - "Sagittarius" (2016, Single, Digital)

Band: Lauxnos
Album: "Sagittarius" (Single)
Style: post rock / instrumental
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital044
Release date: December 14, 2016
Release status: available
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The scarlet disk of the sun went over the horizon, a raging winds abated, the excitement of foaming waters were replaced by mirrored surface. The approach of night. In the vexation of the moonlight somewhere far away in the veils of heaven is now lit up beacons of the universe that plunging the mind into a state of deep hypnosis. Infinitely distant cold glitter of the constellations drowning in the dark ocean waters which zealously attracted to yourself. Among vast and majestic radiance which disperse the universal gloom illuminating the planetary nebulas, he saw a cluster of stars whose name through eternity the echo...

Through the darkness of the darkest night the beacons of the heaven is twinkle! They hoping to illuminate the hand of the universe, what we are not alone... In the cold light the nebulas save the wisdom of the stars! They twinkling and talk about the fallen brothers from heaven... And come what may, succumb to their dreams! The will of the universes stars is undeniable! That night the flickering in the sky is whispered the constellation Sagittarius...

Music - Katharos Melancholin
Cover design - PAINT-IT-BLACK


1. Sagittarius

Total: 6:06


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