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Digital048: Lauxnos - "Song of Solitude" (2017, EP, Digital)

Band: Lauxnos
Album: "Song of Solitude" (EP)
Style: atmospheric post black
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital048
Release date: March 5, 2017
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
The Earth is now no. In the distance was visible only the thread of the horizon, and transparent light radiated from the cold stars which sank in the darkness. In the darkness of night the sleepy breeze which caressed the sea surface said goodbye, he was saying goodbye a month in the frantic desire to reach the bottom. And all around frozen...

Through the darkness of night towards the emptiness spread the whisper of the wind which called to yourself hunchback giant. The giant attractable to the stars from its birth, he dreamed about heaven. Midnight now, the giant swam up to the surface, in the crystal gloss of wet eyes flashed the constellations. And at that moment he began to sing a sad song, yearning from loneliness...


Katharos - Bass, Lead vocal, Guitars (Records);
Shoggoth - Guitar, Back vocal;
Amdusias - Guitar;
Funeral - Drums.

Music for EP "Song Of Solitude" - Lauxnos (Katharos, Funeral, Shoggoth);
Lyrics - Katharos.

Records/Mixing/Mastering - Mind Extension Strudio.
Design - Paint it black design.


1. Song of Solitude
2. Attractable to the Stars
3. I Was a White Wing of Seagull
4. Flickering of Lighthouses of the Universe

Total: 13:24


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