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Digital062: Greystone - "When the Sun does not Shine" (2018, Digital)

Band: Greystone
Album: "When the Sun does not Shine"
Style: experimental electro / cloud rap
Country: Russia
Format: Digital
Catalog number: Digital062
Release date: August 3, 2018
Release status: available
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Greystone it's the new experimental project from the members of Black Lakes/Khladnovzor and Lauxnos. "When the Sun does not Shine" - this is the second full-length album of the project. Greystone it's beautiful experimental electronic music with cloud rap and trap with lyrics about depression, space, on dark romantic theme.

voices / lyrics - Abgott aka Greystone (Black Lakes, Khladnovzor)
music / beatmaker - Katharos Melancholin (Lauxnos, Crystal Rain)
mixing / mastering - isterec
artwork - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint-it-Black Design, In Tenebriz, Chertopolokh)



Constant Nightmares
The Trap
Where Did I Die
In Oblivion
Outcast by the Sun
Where Black Light Falls

Total: 24:39

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