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DSR 011: Elderwind - "The Magic of Nature" (2012, CD)


Band: Elderwind
Album: "The Magic of Nature" ("Волшебство живой природы")
Style: atmospheric black metal
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 1000, jewel box, 8 page's booklet
Catalog number: DSR 011
Release date: November 25, 2012
Release status: 1st press sold out
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A real gift to all fans of the beautiful dark atmospheric music in honor of the arrival of the winter!

This is the first album of a remarkable project from Russia.

Elements of black and post black, dark doom with very very cold keys and scream voices of beauty poetic melancholic lyric's on russian language mixed in the majestic ATMOSPHERIC black metal music!


Artwork for album create by Andre Kosslick.


1. В снегах (In the snow)
2. Волшебство природы (The Magic of Nature)
3. Сияние звезд (Shining Stars
4. Природа застыла во сне (The nature stuck in a dream)
5. Последняя зимняя ночь (Last winter night)
6. Приближение весны (The approach of spring)
7. Когда вновь начнется дождь (When the rain starts again)
8. Холод в душе (Cold in the soul)

Total: 52:32


Deleting Soul, atmospheric black metal
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Wolfspell Records & Werewolf Promotion, atmospheric black
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