DSR 022: Epitimia & Gmork – "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" (2010/2015, Split, CD) - Nihil Art Music

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DSR 022: Epitimia & Gmork – "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" (2010/2015, Split, CD)

Band: Epitimia & Gmork
Album: "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" (Split)
Style: atmospheric black metal
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 6 page's booklet
Catalog number: 106 - DSR 022 / DEP 036, Digital009
Release date on our label: May 31, 2015 - Digital, October 30, 2015 - CD
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
What could be more abstract and surreal than death and cosmos? Only the combination of these phenomena. The absolute eternity of the universe, filled with cosmic radiation and reasonable thought forms, and anger hypocritical and unstable earth cast doubt on the reality of human existence and life itself. It makes no sense to explore universe and death, as well as to conceal resentment and anger on that and those for whom human-incidental phenomenon, doll. Today there are... but there is no tomorrow... There is not a protest, nor humility, there is absolute illusion of existence.

Nihil Art & Dark East have prepared a commemorative reissue which became a cult in certain circles split "Solar Wind / Four Seasons" of two Russian atmospheric black projects Epitimia and Gmork. This split-album finally CD released on after 5 years after creation and two releases on pro cd-r in October 30, 2015! Contains new design and expanded booklet.

Bands actual:


A. - guitars, bass
K. - vocals
M. - drums
I. - additional guitars


Myrk - guitars
Gloomyrain - vocals
Teo – bass
Unknown - drums



Solar Wind

1. Untitled
2. Morning Star
3. Melencolia I
4. Untitled
5. Faceless Glow

Four Seasons

6. Lose Yourself (Summer)
7. And the Wind Tears the Soul Apart (Autumn)
8. They don't Know Pain and Fear (Winter)
9. Requiem (Spring)

Total: 37:55


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