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DSR 023: Lauxnos – "The Last Pier" (2015, CD)

Band: Lauxnos
Album: "The Last Pier"
Style: post rock / post metal / atmospheric post black
Country: Russia
Format: CD, 1st-press lim. 500, jewel box, 6 page's booklet
Catalog number: 108 - DSR 023 / DEP 046, joint release with No Life Rec - NLR 006
Release date: December 11, 2015
Release status: available
Digital album: click to digital =>
"The culmination of life...the end is not easy but this is just the beginning of life..."

"The Last Pier" it's a conceptual continuation of the previous album "My Dead Ocean" which tells about how the main character of the story, tired of the hypocrisy and the frailty of life, left the human realm and went to meet the horizon, towards to destiny that awaits him amid the waters of the boundless ocean, towards to mystery that hidden from man.

The lyrical component of the album is endowed with philosophical meaning and worthy of a separate literary works, texts written and performed on Russian language by two voices - pure and extreme. Stylistically the album was made at the intersection of post rock and post metal with elements of post black. Exceedingly handsome and airy instrumental compositions and fragments alternate with more rigid and disturbing music material but not a bit less touching, interesting and memorable. The atmosphere that creates the album - cold and lovely, light and heavy at the same time, the voltage builds up, then goes down, what remains is the uncertainty depressing and exciting waiting very plausible and far from the lightest end, however through the development of the album, on the other hand, passes light theme about extreme hope that helping to overcome any adversity!


1. Morning at the Sea
2. Dolphin's Tale
3. Winds of Hope I (The Ending Calm)
4. Winds of Hope II (Meeting the Fate)
5. The Oncoming Storm
6. Gale Force 9
7. In Prayer to the Gods
8. My Last Pier
9. The Last Contemplation of the Moon
10. The Secret of Three Corners (bonus track)

Total: 68:31


Katharos - all music, lyrics, instruments, extreme vocals (K.M., Frost Flame, Six Realms of Existence, ex-Emptiness Soul, ex-The Happiness Cage)


Rain Prahlada - clean vocals (Nidra, Deny the Future Day, Chernaya Rechka, Prahlada Luna)

Recording, mixing, mastering - No Life Records

Album design - Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint-It-Black-Design, In Tenebriz)

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Deleting Soul / Dark East / No Life, post rock / post metal / atmospheric post black
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