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MAR 022: Asmodey - "Extraterrestrial Hardening" (2016, CD)

Band: Asmodey
Album: "Extraterrestrial Hardening"
Style: black metal
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 8 page's booklet
Catalog number: 111 - DEP 049 / MAR 022
Release date: December 9, 2016
Release status: available
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This album is a real destruction of all life on Earth as a worthless part of chaos in the universe. Your faith, your hope and your love will collapse in an instant in the monstrous flame of the metaphysical changes in a sudden disaster... Through the immeasurable human consciousness but insignificant in the cosmic space the temporary cleansing of the Earth, on its surface there will come a new mind which unknown to humanity, and began a new life under the devil's cosmic veil a new religion...

All music by Asmodey, lyrics by Tsarnad


Vergilii - vocals
Tsarnad - guitar
Morrh - guitar
Hexe - bass
Unholy Father - drums


1. Extraterrestrial Hardening - Symphony of Demise
2. Iugum est Satanæ
3. Under the Devilish Cosmic Pall
4. In the Spectrum of Blackness Prism
5. Master of the Universe

Total: 28:02


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