NAR 004: Yarovit - "Simargl`s Call" (2006/2010, CD) - Nihil Art Music

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NAR 004: Yarovit - "Simargl`s Call" (2006/2010, CD)


Band: Yarovit
Album: "Simargl`s Call"
Style: pagan ambient
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 4 page's booklet
Catalog number: NAR 004 (joint release with Cyberborea)
Release date: February 17, 2010 (Record 2006)
Release status: sold out

Yarovit`s music is many-sided and advisedly cannot be put in limits of one defined style. The style can be termed heroic rhythmic Ambient - Folk, in some tracks with background guitar stuff, screaming "black" vocals and martial warlike lyrics on russian language.


Часть I: Воля
1. Воля
2. Отражение
3. Дивъ Кличетъ
4. Навий Цвет
5. Заклятье
6. Yolwolf

Часть II: Гимн
1. Гимн
2. Жива
3. Память Льда
4. К Свету
5. Грозна Рать
6. Холодъ
7. У Костра


Nihil Art / Yar' / Dark East, metalized paganwave
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