NAR 006: Slepaya Elan’ – "Neizbezhnost’" (2009, CD) - Nihil Art Music

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NAR 006: Slepaya Elan’ – "Neizbezhnost’" (2009, CD)


Band: Slepaya Elan’
Album: "Neizbezhnost'"
Style: industrial dark ambient
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 4 page's booklet
Catalog number: NAR 006
Release date: Jule 2010 (Record 2009)
Release status: available

Slepaya Elan’ (Blind Elan’) (marsh covered with grass) – Russian project from Moscow region, uniting in itself influence of Drone & Industrial Dark Ambient. The conception and sense of album is seclusion, solitude, contemplation of nature, almost untouched or changed by civilization, cognition of surrounding and your own inner world. Sounds of lively highway and noise of forest, chaotic thunder of railway and rustle of rain withdraw into pouring, smoothly flowing drone. Grinding sound and ring are changed by almost not heard beating, silence of hot summer midday, abrasive noise gradually come into clear deep melodies…


Slepaya Elan’ – "Neizbezhnost’" (2009, CD)
Nihil Art, industrial dark ambient
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