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NAR 014: Schattenspiel - "Follow the White Rabbit" (2011, CD)


Band: Schattenspiel
Album: "Follow the White Rabbit"
Style: neo-classical / dark ambient

Country: Germany
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 4 pages booklet
Catalog number: NAR 014
Release date: March 30, 2011 (Record 2010)
Release status: available
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This album is interesting and varied neo-classical music set to dark ambient, ambient and military industrial

musical canvas, where the disturbing and dark, where the light and relaxing...


1. Ruhe vor dem Sturm
2. Falling Down
3. Sunrise
4. Feuertanz
5. Dreamcatcher
6. Vorwärts
7. Totenwache
8. Slow Motion
9. Break the Silence
10. Frankfurt (ChillOutMix by Iris Traumann)
11. Les Noces Polaires (feat. Barbarossa Umtrunk)
12. Aufbruchstimmung
13. Aus der Tiefe

Total: 50:52


Nihil Art, neo-classical / dark ambient
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