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NAR 022: Yolwolf - "Thorns - horns" (2012, CD)


Band: Yolwolf
Album: "Thorns - horns"
Style: metalized paganwave
Country: Russia
Format: CD, lim. 1000, jewel box, 4 page's booklet
Catalog number: NAR 022 (joint release with Yar' Prod. - ЯРЬ021, with the active support Dark East Prod)
Release date: August 31, 2012
Release status: available

Music Yolwolf impregnated melodic, successful way combines elements of pagan black metal, post black & ambient, folklore music & neoclassic, that create a unique atmosphere.

"Thorns - horns" - a new music work by the author Yarovit - "Simargl`s Call", which published in 2010 also on our label (Nihil Art/NAR 004). The new name, a new stage of development, an old friend of a great atmosphere! The music became more gloomy and heavy! Feel the icy breath beautiful northern nature!

1. Сквозь тернии в дебри (Through the thorns in the backwoods)
2. Freedomstorm part 1
3. Freedomstorm part 2
4. Drakkar
5. Hrafnsmerki
6. Wolfog
7. Лес - Государь (King - Forest)
8. Над лесами, над курганами… (Over forests, over mounds...)
9. Thorns-horns

Total 38:56


Nihil Art / Yar' / Dark East, metalized paganwave
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