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VIS 004: Mummified - "Embalming The Nazarene" (2011, CD)


Band: Mummified
Album: "Embalming The Nazarene"
Style: horror death metal
Country: Costa Rica
Format: CD, lim. 500, jewel box, 4 page's booklet
Catalog number: VIS 004
Release date: Jule 12, 2011
Release status: available

Horror Death Metal from Costa-Rican maniacs, who sending damnation to heaven and embalming the Nazarene again and again. Do you still believe?  After listening to this album you'll dig your faith into the grave! ...and sound of spades is being heard...


01. Malicious Incubus Excavation
02. Shroud Of Gloom (Doomed)
03. Passage Though The Ossuary Of Calamity
04. The Creepy Chronicles Of Ron Jeremy
05. Ferocious Godsodomy
06. Dr. Graveyard
07. God Mortification
08. Psychotic Hallucinations Of Crucifixion (Version 2010)


Mummified - "Embalming The Nazarene" (2011, CD)
Vomit in Silence, horror death metal
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Ronald Jimenez
2014-07-04 20:24:04
Hi Stan...Ronald here from Mummified...I need some much would it be with delivery included to Costa Rica?
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